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Why korean skincare?

"K-beauty" caught your attention, but you’re still wondering if you should try it? After the reading of this page, you can expect to:

- literally fall in love with korean cosmetics and become passionate about South Korea (even if at this moment, you don’t even know where it is located)

- become an adept of layering, double cleansing, sheet mask or sleeping pack

- be used of examine the label of your currently cosmetics looking desperately for soya, snail slime, galactomyce, fermented plants or even fruits and vegetables (Rest this spoon immediately, Korean creams is not for eating!)

- enjoy looking yourself in the mirror day after day, and seeing your skin’s breakouts dissapear overtime for a luminous and soft skin.

Adventurers, be ready to discover the “Korean-beauty” charm!

We simply loving korean cosmetics because ...

...before-after is bluffing!
... Nothing is doing by chance when it comes to formulas
... Korean scientific are innovating all the time !

Above all, because the K-beauty philosophy defends that the beauty comes from your soul and reflects outside. Stop hiding your blemishes, you have to treat in depth while acting on your well being!

Innovative beauty product

Korean Smooch counts on the expertise of its team to unearth the latest skincare product born and raised in South Korea, first market of the world in terms of cosmetic research and development: BB cream, CC cream, sheet mask, sleeping pack are 100% Korean creation.

This is no longer a secret: technological korean skills even inspire the biggest cosmetic group around the world, that do not hesitate to train their searcher team for several months in the land of the morning calm.

Because we only suggest you the best that you deserve, our cares belong to the most qualitative one and are frequently solicited and rewarded by trendy newspaper such as Vogue and Allure, or iconic Korean TV show such as «Get It Beauty».

Respectful of nature

Korean beauty rituals are based on medicinal Asian traditions passed from generation to generation. Korean cosmetics privileges natural ingredients and soft formulas that take care of every skin types even the most sensitive one.

Committed in the preservation of nature, South Korea are designing skincare products that limit the use of chemical ingredients while protecting the environment.

Korean Smooch selects mostly skincare that are certified not tested on animals and certified 5, 6 or 7-Free, which means that the product is free of mineral oils, paraben, ethanol, phthalates, artificial colors, surfactants or triethanolamine. We propose Korean cosmetics certified BIO as much as it is possible, and even those who are not certified BIO has equal quality level than those certified BIO.

Unique active ingredients

Have you ever heard about Jeju-Do island?  Most of the ingredients contained in Korean cosmetics are grown or extracted on this volcanic peninsula, which is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This luxurious and pure nature offers beauty treasure such as green tea, rock and volcanic clay, and camellia flower.

The impressive repertory of innovative ingredients used in Asian cosmetics does not limits there: formulas are the result of a blend between technology and natural products harvested in Asian land. Natural ingredients (ginseng, snail slime, bee venom…) work in perfect harmony with the molecules naturally present in the skin (hyaluronic acid, collagen…) making of the formulas a magical and super-efficient blend that helps skin to reach unprecedented results.

An exceptional price/performance ratio

Far more performing than the usual western cosmetic brands, the huge success of Korean cosmetic is explained by the excellent price/performance ratio.

Stimulated by a demanding clientele and strong investments in research and development, each year South Korea is assisting to the emergence of new cosmetic brands increasingly technologically advanced.

Korean cosmetic products that we are selling on our shop comes only from committed brand that are at the forefront of technology and innovation. Exceptional and unique products, that differentiate themselves from the common k-beauty brand by their quality, soft and natural formulas, high-end ingredients and sophisticated packaging.


Ready to give in to the K-Beauty madness?

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